Linux Academy instructors Christophe Limpalair and Johnny Jelinek discuss the new Serverless Concepts course.

Serverless Academy Course & Lab

Serverless Academy Course & Lab both available on LinuxAcademy!

Lab: Building a Serverless Application End-to-End

Objective: To show you how to build and deploy a serverless application on AWS.

  • Write code for Lambda in JavaScript
  • Write Cloudformation template using Serverless Application Model transform
  • Deploy to AWS by placing the code in S3 and creating the CloudFormation stack
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Course: Serverless Concepts

Overview: Serverless Concepts will teach you the basics of this hot new technology.

  • Learn about what constitutes a serverless application
  • Watch how-to videos that show off services like AWS Lambda, Google Firebase, and more
  • Connect with us in the community and share how you're adopting this technology and your experiences
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Course: Lambda Deep Dive

Delve into the world of serverless architecture and focus on code instead of infrastructure.

  • Get hands-on with AWS Lambda and leverage what it has to offer
  • Overview of AWS Lambda core concepts
  • Start working with Lambda in real world examples
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